Fried Glutinous Rice


  • Glutinous rice, soak for about 4 hour, drained
  • Garlic, mashed
2 pieces
  • Fresh ginger, mashed
2 slices
  • Spring onion, finely chopped
  • Egg slices
  • Diced dried Chinese sausage
  • Diced fried peanuts
  • Diced dried mushroom
  • Diced dried shrimps

  • Chicken stock
  • Sesame oil
  • Shaoxing Wine
  • Dar soy sauce
Fried Glutinous Rice
Cooking Method:

  1. Drain the Glutinous rice and set aside;
  2. Add oil into your 26cm Marmite, preheat on medium heat for 3 minutes until whiffs of smoke emitting from the cookware surface.
  3. Fry the Chinese preserved sausage, dried mushroom and dried shrimp until sizzle and fragrant. Add glutinous rice, garlic and ginger to stir fry. Add 3 tablespoons of chicken stock slowly and keep stirring at the same time, keep the same action until the glutinous rice absorb all the chicken stock and expands for 8 to 10 minutes;
  4. Finally, add dark soy sauce, egg slices, spring onion, sesame oil and fried peanuts. Serve hot.

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