LM-350 Trigger Lever Model

This ergonomic design provides a secure grip around the neck of the bottle, ensuring unparalleled performance.

Resting in a sleek, convenient stand, the Le Creuset Trigger Lever makes a stylish and functional addition to the bartop, and provides a secure grip around the bottle neck during use. As pressure is applied at one end of the lever handle, power is multiplied at the corkscrew, making it easier to open the bottle with one fluid motion.

Product Information

Product Size (WxDxH) Weight per Unit Accessories Included
18.9cm x 5cm x 16.5cm 460g - Foil Cutter
- Gift Box

Product List

LM-400 Lever Model

The LM-400 has a straighter, more comfortable arm action and 4 steps instead of 6, removing the cork with the LM400 is almost effortless.

LM-2000 Lever Model

The Elegance blends design, performance and innovation into a stunning functional form. It comes with the 4-wheel Foilcutter and a display stand.

LM-G10 Lever Model

A must-have for the true wine lovers; this G10 lever corkscrew enhances your wine enjoyment every time with effortless cork removal.

LM-350 Trigger Lever Model

The innovative ‘Trigger’ grip handle needs only one hand to securely grip the bottle and opens wider to accommodate wide neck bottles.

LM-200 Classic Lever Model

The original lever corkscrew invented in 1979. The Classic Lever Model offers outstanding design and unparalleled performance.

LM-150 Gaia Lever Model

Le Creuset's newest launch. The freestanding design, classic styling and smooth action showcase our legendary heritage and innovation.