Cast Iron Introduction

Why Choose Le Creuset Enamelled Cast Iron?

Designed To Bring Out Original Taste

Cast Iron Design The thickness of the whole pot, and weight of the lid, has been designed to spread heat evenly throughout the pot. This will keep the steam and condensation trapped inside, pulling out the flavour and nutrients of the original ingredients.


Multi-Functional With the choice of white (or sand) interior or black interior products, this will allow customers to use it for all sorts of cooking, whether it's stew, fry, or boiling. Both interior's are just as easy to clean and maintain.

Strict Quality Check and Recycling

Quality Check Throughout the production process, workers employ a 12 step finishing process implemented by 15 different pairs of hands to ensure the quality of the final product. If there are any faults, they will be melted then reused again.

Switchable Knobs

Switchable Knobs There are two types of knobs that are interchangeable, the black plastic knob has a heat resistance of up to 190℃. The stainless steel knob adds more shine to the product and enables higher temperature oven cooking.