Refined Chinese Classic Dish by Chef Kelvin and Le Creuset (Repeat Class)

Specially-curated and taught by renowned Chef Kelvin, the menu features a delicious line up of iconic classic Chinese dishes. Using high quality ingredients without MSG, these are wholesome, delicious and perfect for your family meal or special dinner parties. Serve them up right from the stove in eye-catching and vibrant cast iron cookware from Le Creuset for a contemporary update on the dining table. Plus, you get to learn all the details and techniques to create a 5-star, restaurant quality Chinese meal in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Instructor Chef Kelvin
Hosted by My Turn To Host
Date : 16 March 2019 (Sat)
Time : 10.30am - 1.30pm
Fee : $179.99 per person (UP $197.99)
  (Book before 24 February 2019 to enjoy the early bird price.)
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Succulent Tea-Smoked Salt-Baked Chicken Wrapped in Lotus Leaves
Beautifully golden brown with delicate complex flavour, this juicy and tender chicken is smoked using fragrant Pu-Erh tea leaves in a Le Creuset pan or a wok (you don’t need to own a smoker). The secret to making a delicious tea-smoked chicken begins with a rich and savory marinate that infuses the chicken with heaps of flavours, beautiful colour and amazing smell. Next, the chicken is rubbed with classic sand ginger powder (sha jiang fen) along with other spices before wrapped in lotus leaves and roasted in the oven.

It is a 3 steps process, however, the effort is well worth as the true essence of chicken really shines and comes out in this dish, without using any MSG. Perfect for dinner party, the techniques work equally well with duck, duck breasts or chicken pieces. Learn to cook this stunning and delicious chicken for your family, chicken will not taste the same after this!

Decadent Lobster Pao Fan/Porridge with Superior Lobster Broth and Rice Crispy
The ultimate comfort food that will surely impress your family and friends, one of Chef Kelvin’s signature dish. “Pao fan” is not exactly porridge, it is rice slowly simmered in a superior broth in a heavy bottom Le Creuset pot. True to Teochew style of cooking, the rice still retains its structure, with each grain remains plump and bursting with flavour absorbing all the rich flavour from the delicious chicken and lobster broth done through hours of boiling without MSG.

The sweetness coming from the fresh lobster is evident in this dish. This porridge is served alongside delicious and smoky charred rice crispy. Pops and crackles, the rice crispy gives excellent texture to the dish. Learn all the tips and tricks to create this healthy, amazingly umami dish from scratch, from preparing the lobster, making the stunning broth, the delicious rice and homemade crispy rice!

Melt-in-your-mouth Braised Pork Belly with Red Yeast Rice (Dong Bou Rou)
Notably one of the most famous traditional Chinese dishes around the world, these bite sized morsels of pork belly are utterly flavoursome and succulent. Braised in a special salty-sweet sauce in a Le Creuset cast iron pot, it instantly melts in your mouth without being greasy.

Seemingly like a simple dish to make, however, it is a tricky one to master. Braised too short, the pork belly will end up hard to chew; braised too long, it will become too tender and mushy. When done right, it is robust in taste and distinctive in texture. How to select and prepare the pork, temperature, duration, sequence on putting in the sauce. Learn all the little details from Chef Kelvin to create this restaurant quality dish using red yeast rice, perfect for your family. You won’t be disappointed!

Suitable for All Levels (Novice/Intermediate/Advanced)

Chef will demonstrate all recipes and each participant will sample all the items demonstrated and bring home a recipe pack.