Classic Model Wine Opener

GS-110 Table Model Gift Set

The original self-pulling corkscrew, invented in 1979. Le Creuset’s corkscrews will ensure that every bottle of wine is opened effortlessly.

GS-111 Pocket Model Gift Set

Le Creuset's GS-111, from its perfectly shaped screw, designed to glide smoothly through the toughest corks, to it’s timeless design,

TM-110 Classic Table Model

The TM-110 has an elegant helical screw, coated with Teflon, that turns easily to glide corks smoothly out of their bottles.

PM-110 Classic Pocket Model

On of the easiest self-pulling corkscrew - simply turn the handle around with only one finger and your bottle is opened.

WT-110 Waiter's Friend

WT-110 Waiter's friends combines a screw, serrated foilcutter and bottle opener. The two-step design makes pulling corks easier than ever.