General Questions

What is the advantage of buying a Le Creuset piece instead of less costly brands?

Le Creuset premium cast iron cookware has been trusted in kitchens around the world for its superior performance, lasting quality and iconic design.

Le Creuset cookware is versatile, ergonomic, extremely resistant to wear and tear, and guarantees excellent cooking results. With a traditional sense of craftsmanship and hands-on attention to detail, the artisans at our Fresnoy le Grand foundry have kept chefs and culinary enthusiasts in mind, and their work reflects the real demands of a working kitchen. Our product lines are crafted to achieve optimal weight and heat retention properties. The quality of our products has reached multiple international standards and the high standard of enamel makes Le Creuset kitchenware a must-have for every household.

What is the difference between cast iron and Toughened Non Stick (TNS), and why would I choose one over the other?

Cast iron is a remarkably durable material, known for its efficient and even heating, which is ideal for slow cooking. It is best for braising, baking, roasting and soups. Our Toughened Non Stick (TNS) range is also durable and efficient, but these pans are best for fast cooking such as sautèing and shallow frying. Both materials are versatile and essential parts of a well-stocked kitchen.

I am new to Le Creuset. What is the best piece to purchase to start my collection?

This depends on the type of cooking you usually do. For soups and braising meats, a cast iron French Oven is probably the best choice; this is also our most popular product. For sauteèing and shallow frying, TNS will work best. For grilling, our cast iron grills would be ideal. And for baking, stoneware is a good choice. However, you will find that each product line is extremely versatile and suited to several methods of cooking.

Where can I purchase Le Creuset cookware and tools?

You can browse a complete listing of our products on our website, and you can find your nearest shop HERE

Is Le Creuset cookware appropriate for most recipes? Where can I find recipes specifically for Le Creuset?

You will find that Le Creuset products are suitable for a wide range of recipes, such as soups, stocks, meats, side dishes and desserts. Some staple pieces can be used for a variety of dishes, but we offer many types of products to suit your style of cooking. Our website houses a number of recipes that have been created specifically for our dishes.

How do I know Le Creuset will not discontinue a colour once I start collecting cookware in that colour?

We have several colours that remain available at all shops, but we like to introduce new colours from time to time to keep things exciting. Before introducing a colour, we do careful market research to make sure it will be well-received by our customers. We will occasionally retire colours; however, they may be found for some time afterward on this website and in some retail stores. We also feel that other Le Creuset colors can create an appealing colour combination.

Does heat spread evenly with oval french ovens?

Le Creuset oval french ovens are made out of cast iron, therefore, it is excellent at conducting heat. The heat will then spread evenly throughout the whole product even if it is not directly touching the induction.

There are 4 small black dents on the edge of the pot, is it safe to use?

While the product is going through the enamelling process, it will be put on a rotating platform for spraying. As the product will be placed upside down on this platform, the contact with the product will inevitably cause small dents. During the heating procedure for the enamel to dry, the product will also be placed upside down for heating. With all the international safety regulations met, the small dents are not harmful and can be used with no problems.

The pot comes with 4 pins, what is the purpose of these?

Initially, the pins are placed to avoid the lid or anything else from scratching the enamel during shipping. Moreover, they are used to avoid rusting after washing as water droplets can be trapped between the lid and the product which may cause rust. Le Creuset recommends users to avoid the lid and product to have direct contact after washing.

Note: these pins CANNOT be used whilst cooking, please remove them before heating the product.

What is the Le Creuset Guarantee?

Cast iron, Toughened Non Stick (TNS), stoneware products and wine accessories are all covered by guarantee. A copy of the guarantee is included in your item’s box.