Shades of Pinks & Purples

For the month of June, we are serving up shades of pinks and purples in either a shiny or matt finish to tickle your fancy!

Enjoy 40% off a wide selection of cast iron in these 4 gorgeous colours.

Available at Le Creuset retail counters island-wide for the month of June 2017. 

Chiffon Pink
Gorgeously subtle, Chiffon Pink captures the romance and innocence of a bygone era, with a muted undertone that takes it from girlish to gently grown-up. With a shiny finish, Chiffon Pink is soothing, natural hue that never goes out of style.

Sugar Pink
This feminine colour is subtle and sophisticated and creates a romantic mood. Sugar Pink, in its matte finish, softens its surroundings and is a nostalgic treasure in any kitchen.

From vibrant plums to vivid violets, purple shades create a warm, sumptuous look-and-feel in the home. Le Creuset's luscious-looking Cassis comes perfect in a shiny finish.

Named for the gorgeous gem that ranges in hue from palest violet to the deepest purple, richly elegant Ametist, in a matte finish, is an exciting addition to our rainbow of colours.