Cast Iron

Enjoy 40% off selected cast iron cookware in assorted colours. 

Available at Le Creuset retail counters island-wide for the month of March 2017. 

23cm Skillet

32cm Rectangular Grill

Skillet 23cm
(Assorted Colours)

NOW SG$179
Original Price SG$299

Rectangular Grill 32.5 x 22cm
(Assorted Colours)

NOW SG$219
Original Price SG$369

20cm Round French Oven

26cm Round French Oven

Round French Oven 20cm
(Assorted Colours)

NOW SG$319
Original Price SG$529

Round French Oven 26cm
(Assorted Colours)

NOW SG$489
Original Price SG$809

25cm Oval French Oven

30cm Buffet Casserole

Oval French Oven 25cm
(Assorted Colours)

NOW SG$359
Original Price SG$589

Buffet Casserole 30cm
(Assorted Colours)

NOW SG$489
Original Price SG$819